Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Upcycle Challenge

Today, we went to the Upcycle challenge and we saw some very cool creations. I saw a green tank made of cardboard. It was the best. I also saw some planes made of paper and tape. One of the planes had wheels and was made out of a bottle. The one that I really liked was Jacob’s planter because he got a broken bottle and put parsley in the bottle. He painted the bottle yellow, green, red, dark green, and brown.
By Cooper

In the hall, I saw an amazing tall rocket ship with a Lego person inside it. Next, I saw a plant in a bottle. It was cool because it was hanging off a chair. My third favorite one was the submarine one. It was grey and had a telescope on the top. My real favourite ones were Jeba’s creations because he made a helicopter and a relaxing beach place.
By Riley
Today, we visited the upcycle challenge. We saw my brother’s work and it was a big house.  I helped him with it. I really liked the unicorn with lolly hair and a lolly tail. It looked like a unicorn god and it is the god of lollies!
By Hana

Today, our class went to the hall to look at all the Upcycle Challenge projects. My favourite ones were the military tank and the Minecraft creeper. For the military tank, I think they used a cardboard box and lots of green paint. I think the creeper also used cardboard, green paint, and black paint.
By Advik
In the hall, I saw a beautiful upcycle unicorn. The unicorn had lots of treats on it. It was violet and mawhero (pink). Did you think the unicorn was cool? When I saw it, I felt like I wanted to eat the candy because it looked yummy. I felt wonderful as I looked around the hall at the projects.
By Violet
Today we went to the upcycle challenge in the hall. We got to see lots of cool projects. We looked around the whole hall. Siaosi and I looked the the Minecraft creeper. It was awesome!
By Nemaia

AS1 Upcycle Challenge Participants
Way to go!! Your creations were fantastic and very useful.


  1. Wow cool creations! What did you make?
    From Kyla and Charlotte

  2. Amazing work?It looks like you put some really hard work into it.How long did take?by Jaya

  3. Wow fantastic I bet they would of taken very long to make!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Amazing work and it's very creative!:)

  6. :o ... I'm speechless. That's soooo amazing, especially the cabinet. WOW!!!!!!!


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