Monday, September 11, 2017

Learning Ko Pakuranga with Our Buddy Class

We met with our senior buddy class to practice our school song, Ko Pakuranga, on Friday. AS1 has been having a wonderful time practicing our pronunciation and rhythm with the older students!

Check out our pictures, and if you don't know the lyrics we posted them for you below!

Thanks so much for all of your help, Room 19!

Kia Kotahi ai tatou
No nga hau e wha tatou i tenei kura
Kia whai ake nga moemoea
Kia tu kaha i roto i o tatou hiahia
o tatou hiahia

Ko Pakuranga
to tatou kura
Ko Pakuranga
whai matauranga

He kakano ahau
Tipu haere i a rā,  i a rā
Kaore mātou e mutu i te akonga
Hei tauira, ki a tātou e, ki a tātou e…

Tēnei rā te kaupapa,
Awhinatia rā
Tautokohia rā

Ko Pakuranga tō tātou kura
Ko Pakuranga, Whai matauranga
Ko Pakuranga tō tātou kura
Ko Pakuranga, Whai matauranga......

Whitiwhitia ki te totara e........


  1. Wow that looks like fun. Who did you learn the song with?

  2. I hope you had a fun and exciting time with your buddies.

  3. Hi AS1. It looks like you really enjoyed your time with your buddies from Room 19. Did the seniors help you to pronounce the words correctly?
    From Mrs Burton

    1. Hello Mrs. Burton,
      Thank you for your comment. Your students were really helpful because they repeated the words many times and we were able to copy what they said. Did your class enjoy teaching us the words?
      From AS1

  4. Hey AS1. It seems like you had a fantastic time. Did the seniors help you learn the lyrics off by heart?

    From Abhishek & Christopher

    1. Hello Abhishek & Christopher,
      We did have a fantastic time! We have not memorised the lyrics yet, but we are hoping that with more practice we will know it off by heart soon.
      Thanks for commenting,

  5. HI AS1 I hope you had a good time with Rm 19 and enjoyed prononceing the ko pakuranga song.

  6. Hi AS1. I hoped you enjoyed learning our school song Ko Pakuranga with us. Did the seniors help you learn Ko pakuranga off by heart?
    From Blaize and Ryan

  7. hi AS1, it looks like you really enjoyed your time with room 19. Maybe you can perform on stage. How long did it take?

  8. Hi AS1,it looked like you guys had lots of fun with room 19,
    can you sing it without room 19 now?

    By ezalle and Connor

  9. Hi AS1.I hope you had fun with room 19 and learnt how to pronounce the words in Ko Pakuranga. Did you have fun working with us?
    From Liliana and Xylia

  10. Hi AS1. It looks like you enjoyed learning Ko Pakuranga with Rm 19. Did the seniors help you learn the whole song?
    From grace and Hannaniah

  11. Hi AS1,We hope that we could help you with your learning,It looks like you have lots of fun with all the big kids.It seems like you are better with your pronunciation which is great. Are you enjoy all the buddy sessions with room 19? Because we are!
    -Madi & Talise.

  12. Hi AS1.You guys look awesome while you were singing our school song. I was blown away by the volume of your voices. When will we come back?

  13. Hi AS1, I really want to hear you sing on stage.

  14. i hope you get it right
    what do you get stuck on?

  15. Abi: WOW that must of been so fun I would really like to hear you guys sing. I bet you'll all be great singers when your older!

  16. Awesome work As1 I think you will help kapa haka sing ko pakuranga


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